NOV 28, 1959

                He (John Kacere) has taught me so much.

    Cezanne screams out at me with unimaginable experiences.

    The way he places color, objects, brings new ideas.

    The very beginning of Cubism is shown so clearly in his later works,

    his watercolors have exciting vibrations with many lines, shades and tones.

              He has told me to study Matisse, and the Fauves, to sketch

    and to paint them; the composition and colors all-important.

    I am excited about these new colors for me. Study them I will,

    wish I didn't have to do other things.

           While following Matisse; I became shocked at his use of colors, all  

so close to primary. It scares me, but now my palette will lose

its dead tones.

                  Nina Simone was terrific. John explained how to play jazz.



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