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1986 Drawing, Pen and Ink

No sooner back than off to Pennsylvania with my 'school mates.' What a treat to travel with friends who are willing to help push, move and drive where I can't. I loved  showing off the progress made since last year's tour of Cape May!

The handicapped accessible bathroom is not really suitable. Wish designers would hire a wheelchair bound person to consult what needs are in reality not just the drawing board. I couldn't sit on the shower chair and reach the shower head; no place to rest the shower head so I had to hold it the whole time I was showering.

Towels were impossible to reach from the tub area also!

Calling for help was not the issue; independence at a certain level is.

We wrote our critique for the management...they were new and surprised...thought they had done such a good job. Hate bursting anyone's bubble, but it irks me that no one asks someone like myself for help.

Chadd Ford was fun; original paintings of the illustrator from Sea Cliff, Meade Schaeffer, were exhibited. Wished I had bought one of his pieces from his widow way back when.

I started working on a series of collages with Jemez Monument as the central theme. My brother had taken one photo that looked more like a cave than building remains. I used that ancient bone/tool to tie the moments of past to present together.

This series utilized the printmaking capabilities of the computer station without the digital quality of most electronically enhanced art pieces. It felt like I was getting somewhere in terms of originality and emotional content.


1987 With Beginning of Liberty

For the first time I became frighteningly ill. The bane of a spinal chord injury is the penchant for bladder infections! A UTI. My fever spiked to 104.5 and my entire life fell out before as vivid as if it were just occurring. I refused to think hospital; more people in my situation wind up with fatal upper respiratory infections from dirty hospitals and/or the sicknesses inherent therein.

Fortunately my GP prescribed heavy dosages of an antibiotic without seeing me. In two days my story lines disappeared along with the fever.

Stubbornness is my ally now; I cling to the idea that the human will in the hands of God can heal. All my previous work with: A Course in Miracles, The Seat of The Soul (Gary Zukov), yoga and meditation, The Lord's Prayer, are crucial modalities/philosophies. 

A friend takes me to his (Jain) guru's conversations held weekly in NYC. They are blessedly consoling. I feel incapable of following their strict dietary teachings, however,  although abstinence on many levels is easy. As a  physically challenged and emotionally fragile human, my reaction is an  attitude of other-worldliness...all desires go toward moving and being.

Although the nature of spirit is to be found with faith; religion is habitually taught by rote without free will as the core of joy of spirit. I never did well with mimicry.

Music, flowers, painting, poetry, dancing, philosophies, etc. may lift us beyond our mind's limitations. Therein  salvation.


A new addition was added to HHAA's exhibition space. Long Island City had become a satellite of Manhattan's alternate/contemporary art scene with the opening of PS 1. The Forefront Gallery was across and down the street within viewing distance. We tried it with members sitting and hanging the shows. The space itself was rather shabby but it gave some members a kick start to showing outside the Long Island arena! Ultimately meant little to me in terms of experience, notice or sales. One goes along for the ride in some cases.

Liberty (1986) was another combination work incorporating wall to 3D formats. They were more or less successful; the oils held their own without the appendages. This piece was in celebration of the statues 100th year in our harbor. Showed locally in a thematic exhibition curated by Jeanne Paris. Used the patina color and some shapes of the statue itself as symbolic rather than literal representation.

The graphics business took a lot of my time; beginning to be a nine to nine x 7 without remission.

Graphics has caused me... in that it is the act that I do ...to cease drawing.  I've always worked from the relationship to a space, now the space for graphics is the same space for art - one takes over eventually unless again I 'fool the eye, mind and spirit.' Appears I spend more time fooling around. 3/30/87

I'm writing again; perhaps it depends on relationships more than anything else. 

The Sky is Falling...the Sky is Falling (1987) contains the combined elements of cloth, wood, metal and oil as the others. This time I used an air brush to create an atmospheric otherworldly appearance.

Relationship of floor to wall in this multi-media situation was becoming more complex. I started using more metal, more wood resulting in very cumbersome and heavy pieces. The walls of Studio 308 were taxed to the max by some of them

I had also decided to build a separate partition for storage and used a system of pulleys to suspend a platform six feet off the floor. I built the walls and the had finished putting canvases and miscellaneous art pieces on the platform when it fell in front of me. I started over again and it worked until I moved from the space.

Dylan's band, PAINT, had taken up residence in my garage/studio so it was necessary to store most of my large pieces in my commercial space. It also meant limited space for working on art. The saw and various other tools were hidden behind the temporary walls. I continued with the multi-media work with the intention of creating scenarios or mini-stories.

Going to Work (1987) was a continuation of relief's with the addition of literal (a house and miniature woman) to a seemingly unreal environment.

This piece looks just like the large untitled watercolor from two years earlier.

Now I spent a lot of time with clients;  working with one of the first VP's of a major corporation, Colgate -  Tina Santi (Flaherty). She and her friends wore mink and diamonds, but dabbled with psychics and various other alternative leisure activities. Through her I worked for corporations that gobbled up others and I helped pitch their businesses with my high end graphics. Another world from mine; I was naive and hungry.

Dressing up became second nature; Mom made me designer clothes from fabrics I purchased on 57th Street. Two diverse lives. I went to a Gary Null party for singles at The Limelight. Exotic dancers and definitely selling sex.

"The idea of floating is appealing; how does one release all or some of the pressures without blowing up or shutting down? There's yoga, meditation or floating - basically the same premises. When all is confusion sit tight. It has never been a habit of mine, however." June 15th 1987

Terry and I went backpacking and camping in the Delaware Water Gap. Trees, gurgling falls and deep dark forest. Quiet.

I changed the tenor of my life mask with rags, gold leaf and lipstick. Leftover from the days I made casts for Ruth St. Denis' hand. A very talented young man, Tom Kopian, lived next door to my sister. He made the mask and taught me the latest casting techniques.

Now it looked happier and certainly more prosperous.

Another large client was introduced to me by Northern Type Printing, Long Island Jewish Hospital. Twelve people on staff for the PR department alone. I was given some very intense catalogs to design and produce. The hospital won an award for the Schneider Children's Hospital coloring/activities book. They didn't invite me to the awards; guess they wanted all the credit.  I was supposed to be grateful they gave me work! I was, my studio was billing larger and larger sums. I had a bigger accounting firm do my taxes!

New Mexico called to me. Dylan and Dagna were with Eddie and I decided to go there too. Barely made the plane; ran up the stair to the portal with all my luggage as carry on. Islip was a small airport; the pilot and I boarded at the same time!

Rented a car driving from Albuquerque to the Jemez Mountains28 as night fell. Now there are no lights just stars and the mountain roads wind around and upward. Once on the way there's no turning back. Found the adobe house on Highway 4 next to a local saloon. The kids had called me from there a few days before while bullets were flying around! Some local mischief from lots of drinking.

Barry McCuann, an artist friend of Eddie's asked me if I'd like to hike to the natural hot springs to watch the Harmonious Convergence. Sure, he proceeds to make a lantern out of cans and candle and we're off; off to walk across rocks, logs and streams in the dark! Exciting and a little treacherous. Reaching the springs to find a gay couple splashing in one pool. We walk to another above them and have solo access to the mountains, planets and trees. Our world did not end but it sure was magnificent. Dawn helped us to see our way back and it was a little easier.

We went into town to do some painting and hung out in a Santa Fe artists' saloon. I felt like an outsider wanting in knowing I'd be leaving in a couple of days. Penciled some nature-inspired drawings in my notebook. 

Distressed Sticks(1987). 

Met with an old friend, Dick Hogle and his wife and stayed at their hideaway far from most people. Their dogs and I took a long trek through an arroyo nearby. Horses corralled across the road looked sadly in need of company. It was a homey place with little stress...they had enough with their theatrical rental company!

Lunch with Bill Gersh was fun. I had seen his photo in Art News a couple of months earlier and felt our work was similar. He was another friend of Eddie's from New Paltz days.

Although there was every intention of focusing on art the reality of day to day survival hit me immediately upon returning home. Commercial art has its own obsessiveness. Client's demand their ideas of perfection and timeliness. The split again between soul and body.

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