"The intuitive, it seems to me,
should reveal itself in forms which are unconscious
and without response."

Kazimir Malevich

 a garden

1976 House, Sea Cliff

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  A computer was bought with the financial help of my mother and the professional guidance of my nephew. Although a PC I began to learn the Windows platform; without which the transition from a Mac background would be too much to comprehend at the time.

Traumas physical become  traumas mental! All connected. Anything that took concentration and lengthy focus eluded me. After ten minutes I'd have to stop. Now the task of learning the software again kept me interested. The scanner was a grand toy. I put things on the plate and manipulated the images.

Note cards were easy to print; a small flower series in watercolor lent themselves to the enterprise. They sold easily to friends and family. Without a job I feel frightened about the future, concentrating on a task keeps my mind from wandering into negative corners.

When the pain became overwhelming I'd lie down and go to sleep; a major reversal for someone who believed sleep was fine in small doses! Never wanted to waste time.

A series 'Mosaics' incorporated the flowers and digital manipulation. Color and spatial meandering juxtaposed with textures and flower parts. Definitely used some brain matter and day time if nothing else. Computers eat time I always said.

There's a new technique of transferring digital images to canvas. I sent one of the Mosaics out and it returned 36" x 36" on canvas. So charming it's still rolled up.

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1977 Record Pilot

Heat cost a fortune in that uninsulated house, more than the monthly rent. Pouring money out the windows and walls created much stress. Mom and Dad thought I should look for a small house; they'd help with the down payment.

By this time I was working part time as managing editor of a small rag called The Sea Cliff-Glen Head Times. It was a fun newspaper filled with articles, ads and local gossip. I found advertisers, drew sketches and learned the 'art' of paste-up. Meeting the local folk was an extra plus. The owner, Pat Horton, had a gift for gleaning information on the phone. She almost never left her house. Of all coincidences she introduced me to the writer of the Bermuda Triangle, Berlitz! The story lost it's mystery.

The third house we looked at was a handyman special for a handy woman at a price we could afford. Thirty year mortgage seemed a lifetime away. Built in 1902, the front porch faced a large park and the west for spectacular sunsets. Large hedgerows surrounded two sides giving privacy from the corner streets. Two magnificent trees stood at the driveway entrance. To call it a driveway is a misnomer; dirt and pebble path more like it. Definitely a lot to do; finally a place to call home.

There was plenty of help from the family, a  new ceiling in the living room was a priority.

The owner of a new rag, Long Island Boating advertised for a managing editor. I got the job not knowing a thing about boats! Research and lots of work put the first edition to bed. I met some new folks that I've since forgotten. The pay was minimal; I became the communications coordinator and manager of a resource recovery program, CEIP, federally funded by CETA.

dove7copy.jpg (64969 bytes)In between this and that I explored a new idea...The Dove Series...9 visions using silver crayon and watercolors on paper that depicted conception, growth, transfiguration, sacrifice, idolatry and resurrection. Dove #7 (1977) was eventually used as a rug design for Anna Mariani's exercise room. (Villa Banfi's family.)

Sea Cliff became one of the first communities to regularly pick up newspapers, bottles and metals! Battled our way with the help of previous revolutionaries...Jim Aiello, Helen Post and Mark Miksic. Public speaking was one of the job requirements. Definitely something I was afraid of.

Peter Speranza asked me to do some layouts for a St. John's brochure. Beginning of a free lance position as a graphic designer. It was enjoyable, working at home and making a decent amount per hour. Not regular so more job hunting.

The same federal grant, CETA funded a local theatre company. I became their scenic designer. Bought lights, rented and found props and painted flats. We played to nursing homes and schools, lots of fun.

Nothing estranges man more from the ground plan of his instincts than his/her) learning capacity which turns out to be a genuine drive towards progressive transformation of human modes of behavior.(1977)


FOOD 10/6/77

breakfast: 1 glass of juice, 1 bagel, 1 egg, 2 cups of coffee     

dinner:  1 glass of cognac, 10 fried scallops, cole slaw, 3 cookies



1978 Vic DePass

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